Four Famous Cliff Teas Sampler

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Four Famous Cliff Teas Sampler Four Famous Cliff Teas Sampler Four Famous Cliff Teas Sampler

We are pleased to introduce our new tea sampler, "Four Famous Cliff Teas," designed especially for our tea-loving friends. Our Tea Sampler is the perfect gateway to discovering the enchanting world of cliff teas. It features our most popular cliff teas, with each variety contained in 10-gram bags:

1. Ban Tian Yao - 10g

2. Tie Luohan - 10g

3. Shui Jingui - 10g

4. Rou Gui - 10g

We have carefully curated these premium-quality cliff teas into a sampler package, allowing our Wuyi tea enthusiasts to savor their distinct flavors without committing to a full bag of each variety. These four cliff teas provide a genuine taste of what Yiwu cliff teas are all about, offering an excellent opportunity to appreciate their unique flavors and characteristics.

Factory: Yanshang tea company

Origin: W
uyi mountain, Fujian province

Oxidation: Medium

Harvest Period: 2005 and 2023


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